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About The M Collection

The M Collection, founded and established by Melanie Doubell in 1998. After spending many years in the corporate world, Mel (as she is fondly known), followed her passion into the creative world. Currently, one of South Africa’s largest candle producers which also happens to be owned and operated by Mel’s father. Hence, the natural progression for Mel was to expand on her already immense knowledge of the industry and create a specialised candle collection…. The M Collection.

Candles were just the beginning! Her uniquely beautiful unity candle sets quickly became just one of many creative products that Mel@The M Collection designs, creates and delivers to her already substantial “Happy” client list. Personalised Signs, Banners, Dance Floors, printed t-shirts with a personalised design are some of the other things the M Collections has progressed into offering too.

Most importantly, Mel understands the individual needs of her clients and strives to deliver nothing short of perfection. The proverbial ‘Extra Mile’ forms part of the The M Collections’ daily meticulous activities.

Special memories are created by Special Moments, give Mel a call to help you realise your dream occasion.

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